Brent Blood's Web Site

Welcome to Brent Blood's home on the web. I know it's not much... I used to take my site more seriously, but after having it down for a few years, I figured it was time to put something here again. I'm an inconsistent mixture of techie and luddite - so this is what you get for now.

Wondering if you know me? Here's an artist's rendition of what I look like now that's pretty accurate. There aren't too many people named Brent Blood out there, but I'm the one that's from Pennsylvania originally and lives in the Seattle Washington area now. I currently work at F5 Networks as a manager in product development. This is my second stint at F5, in between which I worked at ExtraHop Networks. I earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. Oh, and I'm married to a lady named Linda. If none of that rings a bell, then you probably don't know me.

What's Here?

At some point I'd like to have some pages dedicated to my hobbies and such like GNU/Linux and UNIX, computer networking, DIY electronics, fantasy miniature painting and gaming, and whatever else makes its way here. Check out my gruntle if any of that sounds like something you'd like or some book reviews.

For many years I maintained an old blog that I used to post to quite a bit, but looking back on it, it's really pretty embarassing, so I'm debating what to do with that. Let's just say that adult Brent looks back at what he used to write and shakes his head. I've got all of that old content, but for now it's going to remain lost (though I'm sure the Internet Archive hasn't forgotten).

Contacting Me

Want to get ahold of me? I recommend email: I don't maintain much of a presence on social media, so if you are interested in catching up after not talking to me in 20 years (and you wouldn't be the first, so that's fine), just send me an email.